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Prostatitis is common. It causes a variety fo symptoms including: pain and discomfort in the pelvic area, pain on ejeculation, pain in the penis, problems passing urine and difficulty sitting down. These symptoms can vary from mild to severely debilitating.


Prostatitis can be due to bacterial infection, this can be acute or chronic. Bacterial infection needs treating with the correct antibiotics. Commonly prostatitis can be a non-bacterial inflammation, which is usually chronic. There are multiple causes of the latter and treatment for this can be difficult.


If you have prostatitis then a careful consultation and assessment is needed. You may require antibiotics, painkillers, prostate relaxants or a combination of these. In cases where no bacteria are found and standard treatments are not helping, we can offer shock wave therapy to the prostate which can help subside symptoms of prostatitis. Scientific data has shown that the benefit of shock wave therapy can last for 12 months or more.


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Prostate SelectMDx is now available at our clinics. Please call in advance if you wish to be considered for this test.


New therapies (Fortacin) for Premature Ejaculation now available at Urology Clinics (April 2019)


Shock wave therapy can assist in Peyronies disease & Prostatitis (April 2019).


Peyronies disease can now be treated with collagenase injections (XIAPEX) (Jan 2018).


Multi-parametric MR scanning of the prostate can help in diagnosing prostate cancer. Available at Spire Manchester and The Chrsitie Clinic.


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