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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Detection

A full consultation regarding the symptoms and signs of prostate cancer is undertaken. This includes examination, PSA testing, IPSS (Prostate symptom score), a flow test (if needed) and a discussion of the pros and cons of testing, what happens if your tests are positive and potential outcomes. A rectal ultrasound scan and prostate biopsies are carried out if needed. More davanced tests such as PSA ratio, PCA3 and genetic testing are also available. We offer Multiparametric MRI scanning, Transrectal prostate biopsy and state of the art Template guided Transperineal prostate biopsy.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

A discussion will take place on all available treatment options depending on the extent of the disease. This may include Active Surviellance (No treatment with monitoring), Radical Prostatectomy (Surgery), Radiotherapy (External beam and brachytherapy) with or with out anti-hormone treatment, Anti-hormone treatment (LHRH analogues) alone, or newer therapies such as HIFU and Cryotherpay. Access is provided to regional or national experts who may be able to treat your condition.

Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Treating prostate cancer recurrence depends on the facts surrounding your intial diagnosis (for example your intial PSA, Gleason score and stage), your PSA since treatment and, your current stage and which treatment you intially underwent. A discussion regarding this will be undertaken and the pro and cons of options discussed, for example Continued Monitoring, Anti-hormone Treatment, Radiotherapy (external beam), HIFU and Cryotherapy.


The world of medicine is in a state of constant flux. This is where we will provide you with a selection of interesting news about the medical world and our practice.


The world renowed STAMPEDE  trial reports Abiraterone aids survival when given at the time of diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer (ASCO 2017)


Urology Clinics is now open in Manchesters Premier new Private Hospital, Spire Manchester, just off Priness Parkway. Ideal for Patients in South Manchester and those arriving from abroad at Manchester Airport.


Peyronies disease can now be treated with collagenase injections (XIAPEX).


Multi-parametric MR scanning of the prostate can help in diagnosing prostate cancer. Available at Spire Manchester and The Chrsitie Clinic.


ED1000 therapy for erectile dysfunction has been shown to have success rates of up to 70%.


Docetaxol Chemotherapy given at the time of diagnosis has shown significant improvements in survival for men with advanced prostate cancer.

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