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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (erection problems)

If you have problems with your erections, this can be due to multiple reasons. In some circumstances it can be due to blood vessel problems, diabetes causing nerve damage or low testosterone. Firstly you should seek your GPs opinion, as this can be dealt with easiliy in some cases; your GP may refer you to a specialist. At your conusltation you will need blood tests to check for any unknown causes for your erectile problems. In most patients erectile dysfunction can not be cured but it can be halted and the symptom dealt with using various medications including viagra or cialis. You can help yourself by ensuring you live healthily and keep your waist size down. 

ED1000 is now being used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in some men. 


The world of medicine is in a state of constant flux. This is where we will provide you with a selection of interesting news about the medical world and our practice.


The world renowed STAMPEDE  trial reports Abiraterone aids survival when given at the time of diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer (ASCO 2017)


Urology Clinics is now open in Manchesters Premier new Private Hospital, Spire Manchester, just off Priness Parkway. Ideal for Patients in South Manchester and those arriving from abroad at Manchester Airport.


Peyronies disease can now be treated with collagenase injections (XIAPEX).


Multi-parametric MR scanning of the prostate can help in diagnosing prostate cancer. Available at Spire Manchester and The Chrsitie Clinic.


ED1000 therapy for erectile dysfunction has been shown to have success rates of up to 70%.


Docetaxol Chemotherapy given at the time of diagnosis has shown significant improvements in survival for men with advanced prostate cancer.

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