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ED 1000

Most men with erectile dysfunction or ED, have this problem because of a reduction of blood flow into the penis. This is a similar disease process that causes heart problems.  

Researchers have previously shown that shock waves to the heart over a period of time can make new blood vessels form in the heart muscle and this can stop further heart problems. This same research has now been used to treat ED.

ED 1000 Therapy is a relatively new treatment that uses small shock waves to the penis over a period of 12 weeks. This makes new blood vessels form that increase the flow of blood to the penis.

Recent research has shown that men who respond poorly to treatments such as Viagra or Cialis can begin to respond to this medication after having ED 1000 Therapy. In fact two thirds of men are helped with this treatment.

Trials have also shown that in men with ED that successfully use medications such as Viagra or Cialis, ED 1000 Therapy can be so successful that two thirds of men can stop using the medication.

 Early studies showed that the effects can last for up to 2 years, but no doubt could last longer. ED1000 therapy has recently been tested in the USA and results are thought to confirm its efficacy.

The treatment is given twice a week for 3 weeks. Patients then have a 3 week break and then undergo another period of treatment consisting of 2 weekly treatments for 3 weeks. So the total period is 12 weeks. Each single ED 1000 treatment takes no longer than 20 mins, is done in the out patient clinic whilst wide awake, is pain free and should not restrict normal activities.

Although ED 1000 therapy is primarily for patients with a vascular cause for ED, it has been used in patients with diabetes. ED 1000 Therapy can also be used in patients with both diabetes and vascular disease.

We are currently the only clinic in the North West of England offering ED 1000 Therapy, if you would like to be considered for this treatment please contact us on 0161 232 2299. A letter from your GP would be needed in most cases.

If you have never seen a specialist for your ED we do offer a full Consultation with appropriate tests as needed, prior to giving treatment.

Please note, that treatment is given at the discretion of the Specialist. A Consultation with us does not guarantee ED 1000 Therapy will be given, and if ED 1000 Therapy is given it is only successful in approximately two thirds of patients

We are able to offer ED1000 therapy in the North West and London, please contact us if you are interested. If you are able to access these areas of the country and wish to know whether ED1000 is right for you then complete a free online assessment at curing-ed.com.


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