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What is Urology?  Urology is the medical and surgical science of the urinary and genital tract. A Consultant Urologist, or Consultant Urological Surgeon, is someone who is an expert in this field and applies their skills and knowledge to both men and women. In men the Consultant Urologist is able to manage problems of the urinary and genital tract, which includes the kidneys, ureter, bladder, prostate, urethra, penis, scrotum and testis. In women the Consultant Urologist manages similiar problems, but only in the kidneys, ureters, bladder, pelvic floor and urethra.   


Our Team specialises in Mens Health related to Urology.  Urology Clinics' team of Consultant Urologists take pride in providing patients with a comprehensive evidence based and unbiased service. The Team have an international clinical and research reputation, and see patients from around the world.

At Urology Clinics our experts are all accredited Consultant Urologist/Urological Surgeon who have received both General Urology and Specialised Urological training in the UK and internationally. Their practice involves managing patients with penile problems, sexual/erectile dysfunction, urinary problems, bladder and prostate disease (including cancer), male infertility/fertility, including vasectomy reversal, testicular and kidney disease (including cancer) and rare urological cancers . They are active in research; publishing  and presentating work at both a national and international level. Our Team of Clinicians hold prestigous clinical and management roles both locally and internationally.

At Urology Clinics we aim to provide a personalised and prestigious service with an international reputation.

Our Independent Consultant Urologists are able to see Private patients at The Christie ClinicSpire Manchester Hospital, Wilmslow Hospital (Cheshire).


The world of medicine is in a state of constant flux. This is where we will provide you with a selection of interesting news about the medical world and our practice.


Prostate SelectMDx is now available at our clinics. Please call in advance if you wish to be considered for this test.


New therapies (Fortacin) for Premature Ejaculation now available at Urology Clinics (April 2019)


Shock wave therapy can assist in Peyronies disease & Prostatitis (April 2019).


Peyronies disease can now be treated with collagenase injections (XIAPEX) (Jan 2018).


Multi-parametric MR scanning of the prostate can help in diagnosing prostate cancer. Available at Spire Manchester and The Chrsitie Clinic.


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